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Edge Design

The CompuEdge Designer is an interactive environment in which to design, analyze, modify and plot roof and floor truss designs.  EdgeDesign makes it easy to optimize your truss designs to ensure the most cost effective lumber lengths and configurations.

EdgeDesign has been designed to be extremely easy to use while giving the most experienced truss professionals control over every facet of the design.


  • Auto Splicing.
  • Interactive Input.
  • Easy to match web configurations to other trusses.
  • Easy lumber optimization.
  • Move/Add/Remove panels and splices with a mouse click.
  • Automatic gabling for structural and non-structural gables.
  • Auto-outlooker option.
  • Automatically calculate unknown pitches.
  • Enhance plot joints easily.
  • Automatically add dimensions and notes to drawings.
  • Add a new plate and see instantly if it works.
Edge Design
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