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Project Manager - Engineering Package Generator

Project Manager offers a new utility that builds a single PDF (Adobe Acrobat File) that contains an optional covers sheet, all stamped truss engineering and any standard details.  This file can then be printed, previewed or saved to a central storage location.  The requirements to use this new utility are as follows:

  • Must have Acrobat Reader installed on the generating and viewing machines
  • All stamped engineering must be downloaded from CompuTrus, stored in the project folder, and associated sequence file numbers updated using the *.seq file.
  • Standard detail pdf files and their associated builder program c:\progs\Cdetails.exe must be installed on the building machine.

To use the Package Generator, click on the Build Engineering Package option from the Utilities menu.  Click on the … button to select report or standard detail pdf file, or leave blank for none.

Engineering Package Generator

Packages are built in the following order – cover sheet, standard details, plan cover sheet, layouts for all elevations in that plan and stamped engineering for that plan. 

Engineering Package Generator
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